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Message from the Chief

Jerry Conner, Chief

On behalf of the City of Elkton, I extend greetings to all residents and visitors who, just as I did, have discovered the scenic beauty, family values, and development potential of this community. It is an honor to serve as your chief law enforcement officer. I come to you with a rich background of law enforcement experience, training, and education yet hold a sense of reserve to learn from you. I know only a life of service to country and community and pledge to you a value where one places those you are dedicated to serve before yourself. I want to make this police department accessible to all residents. The best quality service available is based on cooperation where the police and community are a team. I invite all residents to become involved with the mission of your police department to form a strong partnership with mutual respect. I am available to speak individually or meet with your groups to chat and listen to your needs. I am also available to design and conduct training courses for the community per your request. I strongly encourage all stakeholders of the City of Elkton to report your concerns of crime even if you prefer to do so confidentially. I also hold a strong desire to foster an atmosphere of volunteerism with your police department and will be seeking the involvement of reserve police officers in the near future. This takes a special sort of qualified and courageous man or woman who wants to answer the law enforcement calling. I am available to contact for non-emergencies through the City Hall number of (931) 468-2506, my cell phone number (931) 309-2069, or the Elkton Police Department email of epd@elktontn.com. As always, in an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Jerry Conner, Chief
Elkton Police Department


It is the mission of the Elkton Police Department to provide professional police services with courtesy, impartiality, and respect for the civil and constitutional rights of all. We are committed to advance the quality of life through the protection of lives and property, preservation of peace, promotion of public safety, and partnership with the community we are sworn to serve. It is our goal to prevent crime but we will defend our public by the ardent pursuit of offenders and delivery to justice

  • Honor
    The representatives of this department will go beyond what is expected in all assigned tasks and shall at all times exhibit the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity to earn the confidence of the public.
  • Excellence
    We are deeply committed to the accomplishment of superior quality police services in support of our mission through the use of continuous training, acquisition of professional knowledge, and technology. All officers will maintain themselves, their official attire, and their equipment at a high level of professional appearance and operability in accordance with department policies.
  • Professionalism
    All officers will execute their duties in a courteous and even tempered manner with a high standard of fairness and equality without regard to a person's culture, race, gender, beliefs, or background.
  • Dedication
    We dedicate our lives to our family, community, country, and to all the members of the criminal justice system and public safety professionals in Giles County, the State of Tennessee, and all other jurisdictions whose mutual cooperation facilitates our shared goals.
  • Partnership
    We are mindful that as both a representative and a component of the people we serve we shall therefore promote an atmosphere of community involvement through open communication, volunteerism, and respect. The Elkton Police Department will welcome any information or counsel given from the public it serves.

Help Protect Your Property

We all wish to protect our personal items.  In the unthinkable event that we lose the possessions we hold dear or worked hard to acquire, there are practices in place to increase the likelihood of the return of our property.  It is a good idea to mark your property with some sort of identification characters.  An indelible ink is good but engraving the information is better.  Another tip is to maintain a simple inventory that will assist greatly for insurance claim purposes.  These things not only help to protect your property during a theft but during other losses as well such as from storm damage.  The Elkton Police Department encourages all residents to conduct a personal inventory.  In in furtherance of that, we will engrave or assist you in engraving identification information on your items.  You can borrow the police department engraver or it will be done for you. Learn of the best practices for better property documentation.  It’s easy.  Call or come by for details.

Elkton Police Department Vacation Watch

Are you going to be away from your residence or business? Put your place on Vacation Watch. You may gain a little peace of mind while on your trip. You can phone in or come by to put your residence on the Vacation Watch list as part of your trip plan. Don't telegraph your absence. Tell a cop instead. Call your Elkton Police Department. Yes, we make house calls.